Sir Elton, You Scalawag

Sir Elton John, who said he was not going to receive an inviation to the Royal Wedding, has indeed received an invitation for him and his partner David Furnish.

Sir Elton spoke highly of Kate, comparing her to Princess Diana. Look at this picture, it’s amazing:

He spoke “tremendous”ly well of Prince William, but not so much of Prince Charles. With everyone itching for Prince William to become King of England, it seems everyone forgets it requires “King” Charles’ death or mental illness.

Also, Sir Elton had to throw in his two cents about the saphire ring, saying it was an odd choice. Psh — and we thought songwriters were romantics.

No one would think it was weird if Prince Charles and Lady Di hadn’t divorced. No divorce changes the fact that Prince William was his mother, that the saphire was her only engagement ring and that she’s no longer here anymore.

Sir Elton John said that he was trying to be discreet about receiving an invitation to the wedding… perhaps he should be a little more discreet about his opinions.

Check out the full story.

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William and Kate at Anglesey

William and Kate call Anglesey, Wales home. It’s where William is stationed as a search-and-rescue pilot.

So, the people of Anglesey wished for their own royal couple to launch a lifeboat together, the first official act they have done as a royal couple.

Let’s look at what Kate decided to wear:

So, it was obviously chilly and windy. I like the neutral tones — a light tan with a dark brown. The cuffs and pockets on the jacket give it some nice detailing. Also, Kate paired the outfit with sturdy stockings and uber cute boots (notice the buckle). Her fascinator is so cute (America, please, please catch onto this — it looks so distinguished and really completes an outfit). According to, the fascinator was made by Vivian Sheriff Millinery and made from velvet, pheasant feathers, a cameo and a military badge or two. Here’s People’s closeup:

I really see myself staying glued to Kate’s every fashion move for years to come. I always admired Princess Diana and her fashion sense. Imagine if the two fashion knockouts could be side by side.

Lots of pics of Kate smiling and enjoying William’s company. Take a look:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Visiting St. Andrews

Prince William and Kate Middleton visited St. Andrews University in St. Andrews, Scotland on February 25. As most know, St. Andrews is the small college where William and Kate met.

But they weren’t just visiting. Prince William will be the patron of St. Andrews’ 600th appeal (the British way of saying alumni giving). Yep, the Prince has been tasked to raise $169 million for the University over the next three years. Somehow I think he’ll do it.


The couple visited throughout the college, including their lecture hall (they were both art history majors) and their old dorm.

In addition, the couple was presented with the announcement of a $100,000 scholarship named in their honor.

Fashion note: Did you notice the the red on Middleton’s gloves? It all works together. A very good look for her. The color? Chosen for the color of St. Andrews robes.

A smattering of Kate at St. Andrews, old and new:

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OK, there are many Kate Middleton blogs out there and even more devoted to the royal wedding. I’ve found during my online stalking of Kate and her prince that these blogs are either unsightly or useless. I decided to start my own blog. If no one reads it, so be it. If someone reads, awesome.

Here’s why I wanted to start a new blog on Kate.

1. I like lots of pictures. I don’t want to have to click on an article title (no pictures to be seen until you click!) or have to click on an article with a teeny tiny picture. I want them big and proud.

2. Many sites I’ve visited were cheesy. I’m not into the cheese. No cheese here.

3. I’m big on easy-to-use sites that also look good. Hm, seems simple, but other sites don’t get it, in my opinion.

If you are loyal to another blog, I’m glad. It means I’m just a complete OCD crazy who needs to find a new hobby.

If you become loyal to my blog… well, that’s great!

Oh yeah, pictures. Here are some of my favorites:

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