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I love, love, love both of these recent outfits from Kate.

First, when almost getting a parking ticket (as reported by the Daily Mail), Kate wore skinny jeans, boots and a beautiful green jacket with scarf. I love this jacket and want to keep my eye out for one similar. Or perhaps I’ll buy a white one and dye it as close to this color as possible. I don’t know why she paired the outfit with black boots though and a brown purse. I’m thinking brown boots would have looked nicer or a black purse, but she still looks great.

The overall look is so casual, but sophisticated at the same time.

Then, Kate and Will recently had dinner at the exclusive club Mossiman’s in London. Kate wore a modern, Audrey-Hepburn style outfit.

I love the combination of colors and how she perfectly matched her shoes. Kitten heels are very popular right now, and this definitely makes me want to go out and buy a pair.

And not to ignore the groom, Will received a bit of criticism from the Daily Mail for wearing khakis, a sweater and “trainers” to Mossiman’s, which has a strict dress code of coat and tie.

What do you think? Did Will take too much advantage of being prince?

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Pancake Fashion

So, this post is late, yet again.

But I still want to talk about Kate Middleton’s outfit on her recent trip to Northern Ireland.

Here’s the entire outfit:

Kate wore a Burberry coat, that quickly sold out, costing $995. I like the slight flare on the ends. She paired it with black hose and black heels for part of the day and black suede boots for the outdoor portion of her trip.

Here’s the back:

The boots:

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Kate wear these a few times. That’s one thing that I like about her. She, atleast for now, wears her favorite clothes and doesn’t cast aside certain items after wearing them only once.

Kate’s hair also looked particularly nice.

Slightly curled, it was very elegant for most of the day:

Got a little crazy in the wind:

But the rain made it curl even more, looking quite cute:

What did you think of Kate’s fashion choices? Too plain or just right?

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Pancake Day Equals a Good Day

In case it was open to debate, pancakes make everything more awesome. Such was the case with William and Kate’s surprise trip to Belfast in Northern Ireland today.

Here’s a video of the now famous pancake toss:

Kate and Will met briefly with Northern Ireland leaders.

They worked the crowd:

Dealt with the wind:

Met with florists:

Watched a play from a local arts group:

They visited an agricultural college:

They helped put in a post for a fence:

They watched a game of tug-of-war:

Stay tuned for a fashion blog post on Kate’s outfit today.

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Videos of Anglesey and St. Andrews

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The Tiara Contenders

Well, one way or another, Kate Middleton will wear a tiara on her wedding day. Which one, whether old or new, is unknown.

Here are the contenders from the Queen’s collection of jewels:

Contender #1: Girls of Great Britain and Ireland

I’m starting with this one because it’s an awesome name for a tiara. Queen Elizabeth’s grandmother, Queen Mary (Mary of Teck, the Queen Consort), gave this tiara to her. A wedding present to Queen Mary in 1893, the Queen Mother returned the favor and gave it to her granddaughter as a wedding present. This is Queen Mary wearing it:

The tiara is a very famous one due to this portrait of the Queen, which ended up on many currencies of the Commonwealth.

And she still loves wearing it.

Will this be the one? I’m betting not. I think this tiara holds a very special plate in the Queen’s heart. The only pictures I found of the tiara were ones with her wearing it!

Contender #2: The Fringe Tiara

Also referred to the George III tiara and the Russian Fringe Tiara, the Fringe Tiara is the same one that Queen Elizabeth II wore for her wedding day. Made of diamonds owned by George III, the tiara actually snapped prior to the wedding and was rushed to be repaired.

The tiara was previously worn by Queen Victoria and, after Queen Elizabeth’s wedding, was loaned to Princess Anne for her’s.

Will Kate wear this gem of a tiara? Har, har. OK, there will be some cheese on this blog, after all.

I think this one may be a strong possibility. I think it would be a very grand gesture of the Queen, considering it has only been worn by royalty so far. Y’know, the real kind, not the married-into kind.

Contender #3: Cambridge Lovers Knot Tiara

Commissioned by Queen Mary to replicate a tiara of her mother’s, this tiara was given by Queen Elizabeth to Princess Diana as a wedding present. After Prince Charles and Princess Diana divorced, she returned the tiara to the Queen.

I don’t see this one being it for the wedding, although it may be a present to Kate one day. It seems that Diana’s tiara on top of the sapphire ring is just too much juju for one marriage.

Contender #4: The Russian Kokoshnik Tiara

The Russian Kokoshnik Tiara was presented to Princess of Wales Alexandria. I think that this is my top pick for Kate. It think it would suit her.

Contender #5: The Vladimir Tiara

This tiara is named the Vladimir Tiara because it was made for Grand Duchess Vladimir of Russia. Later, it was smuggled out of Russia during the 1917 Revolution and given to Princess Nicholas of Greece, the Grand Duchess’s daughter, who sold it to Queen Mary, who gave it to Queen Elizabeth.

The tiara can be worn with Cambridge emeralds, as pictured above. Camilla decided to wear this option.

Or it can be worn with the original pearls.

I’ve seen a few pictures of Camilla wearing this tiara. I think she’s kind of staked her claim on this one, although I did not find where she had actually been given a tiara. I’m sure we’ll see Kate where it sometime.

Contender #6: The Durbar Tiara

Commissioned for Queen Mary (that lady liked her jewelry) in 1911, the tiara was first worn by same queen in Delhi, when celebrating the coronation of George V. Recently worn by Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, in 2005 for a banquet honoring the King and Queen of Norway, the Duchess caused quite a stir. It had only previously been worn in public by the Queen Mother on an official visit to South Africa.

This one is very pretty, but I think may be too large for most people’s heads. Maybe that’s why it wasn’t worn for so long. I don’t see this looking that great on Kate.

Out of the Question are these:

The King George IV State Diadem – this is Queen Elizabeth’s coronation crown (ahem, and Queen Victoria’s coronation crowd) and what the Queen wears every year when going to Parliament.

The Burmese Ruby Tiara – this one’s just kind of ugly to me. So I hope it’s not the one.

Now, the Queen may not choose to give a tiara, but have one commissioned in the case of Sarah Ferguson (who wore a coronet of flowers during her processional).

And as the case for Sophie, Duchess of Wessex.

But Kate cannot do what Diana did, wear her family’s own tiara.

We shall see what the Queen chooses!

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The following is from Footwear News:

Anticipation is building for this spring’s royal wedding, when the world will be watching Kate Middleton’s every fashion decision. FN asked top designers to share their visions for what the future princess should wear down the aisle.

Manolo Blahnik
His design: An ivory silk pump with organza lilies of the valley and sea pearls
“It represents springtime and everything fresh and new, which is what Kate Middleton is all about.”

Giuseppe Zanotti
His design: A black satin sandal with large sapphire centerpiece and surrounding diamonds, on a metal-tipped stiletto
“I wanted her shoes to match the classic and sophisticated elements of her ring, but with a younger, modern edge. Jewelry for the feet is my DNA, so designing for a princess comes very naturally.”

René Caovilla
His design: A white satin sandal with marabou feathers and multicolor Swarovski crystal gems
“This shoe is fit for a princess because the sandal is elegant, sexy and precious, and it suggests a magical atmosphere.”

Cesare Casadei
His design: A single-soled silk pump with jeweled straps and embroidered floral details
“Kate reminds me of a 2011 Audrey Hepburn. … This elegant design is customized with embroidery and multishaped clear crystals, to create a waterfall of stones dancing down the foot. I can see Kate dancing all night in this ‘new tango’ heel.”

Georgina Goodman
Her design: An antique Welsh lace pump with 
Scottish seed pearls and pearl-inspired heel
“I wanted to create something special with an intrinsic emotional value; something old and at the same time mirroring Kate’s fresh modernity. … I have aimed for a balance between history and femininity fitting the occasion; a kind of luxury recycling.”

Which is your favorite?

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Royal Wedding Videos

It’s not quite about Kate, but I can’t pass up sharing:

And, of course:

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